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Telecom Network Automation with Intraway's AI-First, No-Code and Cloud-Native Solutions

Intraway empowers telecom providers to innovate and succeed with a suite of cloud-based solutions designed to automate service delivery, streamline operations, and boost revenue.

Why Intraway

Automation and Efficiency

Intraway’s solutions automate service delivery, streamline operations, and reduce complexity, making it ideal for companies seeking efficiency and faster time-to-market .

Monetization and Growth

Intraway helps businesses maximize profits with tools for personalized customer engagement and efficient resource management, enabling new revenue growth opportunities .

Flexibility and Security

Intraway ensures robust and adaptable solutions with multi-vendor support and cloud-native deployments, providing seamless integration and advanced network security .

Digital Transformation

By driving digital transformation, Intraway helps telecom operators modernize operations, reduce costs, and improve agility, positioning itself as a key partner in future-proofing businesses .

Moving Telecom OSS to the Cloud
Launch New Services Immediately

Symphonica is a revolutionary No-code OSS, cloud-native Orchestration, Activation and Provisioning platform for forward-looking Telecom companies.

Symphonica connects any BSS to any network technology or cloud service with just a few clicks. Join dozens of agile telecom companies that use Symphonica to create, test and launch new TM Forum-certified automation workflows and network connectors in minutes.

The fastest time-to-revenue! No coding required to create new automation workflows and network connectors!

Use AI to automate real-time service assurance operations and the lifecycles of all your products and services.


OpEx Reduction


Exceptional NPS (3 years running)


Symphonica customer loss or churn since its inception.


Service Providers in over 25 countries

Symphonica Features

Orders processed every day at hyper-scale rates.

Multi-domain Service Orchestration

Multi-Domain,Multi-Technology / Multi-Vendor / Standards based: TMF641 / AWSWell-Architected

Single Pane of Glass

Activates any service, any technology, any network, from a single point, out of the box, multi-tenant platform.

Domain-Based Architecture

Abstraction layer to complex southbound proprietary interfaces and protocols.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Enabler

For fixed and mobile / For physical and virtual / For cloud and NFV.

Connectors Library Available

90+ Southbound Connectors and 15+ Northbound Integrations.

Modern Architecture

Scalabley / Microservices / Open APIs.

Along with reliable delivery and operations, Symphonica customers typically see healthy improvements across Revenue, EBITDA, FCF, Time to Market, outage frequency/severity, Mean Time to Isolation & Repair, and many other business and technical dimensions.

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