Manage your DOCSIS and PacketCable services adding business models and value-added services uniquely developed for each market niche.


The broadband management section offers the possibility of developing a comprehensive offer that includes multiple business models and value-added services engineered to conform to the needs of all market niches, adding innovative services such as Captive Portal and Debt Management, Prepaid HSD, Customer Self-Management, Turbo button, etc.

Intraway orchestrates service delivery and administration while providing northbound interfaces and process guidelines to integrate OSS/BSS systems and achieve the full scope of business process automation essential to a Service Provider.

With more than 50 commercial operations that synchronize the functioning of millions of devices in a high speed optimized environment Intraway has proven itself to be a scalable, reliable, secure provisioning system and service management platform.

Intraway’s solution is 100% software based, and developed with an efficient flexible design that allows scalability by adding processing capacity (hardware) which can be deployed according to clients’ specific requirements on small, medium and large sized networks.

Intraway’s Service Management Platform and our proven, widely recommended processes are designed to minimize operational costs and churn rate, while maximizing ARPU and accelerating time-to-revenue.

The complete service delivery automation, in addition to impressive features such as Captive Portal & Debt Management, Installation Quality Assurance and Strategic Network Planning, assure a high level of customer satisfaction while eliminating inefficient practices and procedures.

Intraway's solutions integrate with both new and existing OSS Platforms allowing the operator to create New Business Models, such as Flat Service, VPN without Internet access, traffic and time-based billing or bandwidth on demand.

Solution Highlights:

  • Quick time-to-market for new offerings
  • Real time service activation, CDR generation and monitoring
  • Assists Cable MSOs to increase market penetration among distinct demographic groups
  • Captive portal, debt management and marketing campaign portal
  • Diverse business models
  • Customer Self-Care and Self-Management via the portal, SMS or IVR
  • CSR Portal for assistance via the Call Center