IP Video Surveillance (IPVS)

IP Video Surveillance

Activate, provision, manage and monetize IP video monitoring and recording services

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) has driven the growth of a new market for communications service providers. These services have not only given rise to the creation of new cloud based services, providers have also leveraged existing infrastructure to create new value. It is estimated that these markets will be valued at 2.3 billion dollars worldwide by the year 20171, making this a highly attractive and lucrative new source of revenue streams.

Intraway's IP Video Surveillance solution allows clients to easily install any camera, record videos on the cloud and easily watch them from any Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC or SmartTV. Residential customers can monitor their home from any location to protect their family, pets and valued contents.  Furthermore, businesses and professionals will also find this service useful to monitor their facilities to prevent against possible losses and supervise staff remotely.

Given that IP Video Surveillance has been designed for telecommunications service providers, it addresses essential business requirements: service monetization, ease of provision, scalability and reliability.

Solution Highlights:

  • Complete monitoring and recording system
  • Fixed and mobile access to live video
  • Unlimited video storage
  • E-mail and SMS notification
  • Quick camera installation featuring Self-Configuration (ACS)
  • Open, flexible and customizable architecture tailored specifically to meet the Service Provider's business requirements
  • CSR "Intelligent" Web Site designed to assist customer support representatives identify, easily understand, and provide effective solutions for customer service issues

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