Next-Gen Contact Center Solutions (NGCC)

Contact Center Assisted Automation

Improve the quality of customer management beginning with the very first contact


Intraway’s Contact Center Assisted Automation (CCAA) has been designed to provide operators with a dynamic tool that assists them in handling their customers’ needs directly from the Call Center in a highly efficient and organized manner resolving issues quickly, coupled with high quality service.

Our solution allows operators to accurately classify incidents by severity and access statistical information which can be used to make quick decisions. Linked processes are optimized, reducing Average Operating Time. Being a Software-as-a-Service based model, it offers important benefits such as rapid deployment without any initial investment, growth based on usage and minimal maintenance tasks.

Intraway’s Contact Center Assisted Automation (CCAA) provide northbound interfaces for integration with CRM and Billing systems, providing the total automation that is essential to a service provider using well documented, easy to understand web services fully compliant with W3C recommendations. Simultaneously, the Service Provider has the added benefit of a wide range of interfaces that help to increase productivity combined with powerful management tools appropriate for every relevant business unit, including Customer Support, Network Operation, Management, Resource Planning and Service Installation.

Solution Highlights:

  • User-friendly web application
  • Software-as-a-Service based model
  • Decision tree management
  • Category management
  • Identification of abrupt call ending
  • HTTP interface to link external systems
  • Automatic classification
  • Customer, case and user identification
  • Incident statistics by category board
  • Daily statistics
  • Average duration of incidents by category
  • Visual trend indicators
  • "Automatic" update mode
  • Availability of technician and contractor management
  • Reports generated in PDF, Excel and Graphical formats
  • Reports detailing number of incidents, sorted by user
  • Reports of average handle time by category/ user
  • List of parameterized categories

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