Complete Fraud Control (CFC)

Network Security Platform

Automatically detect, prevent and monitor cloning activity and dynamic roaming.


Our NSP module detects, analyzes, and blocks fraudulent activities without manual intervention. NSP is a must-have for DOCSIS 3.0 networks because it prevents uncapping.

NSP allows you to detect and block rogue devices (both cloned and uncapped) without affecting valid customers. The system also offers an anti-roaming functionality to prevent customers from using the service in different locations. If an irregular situation arises, the system supports redirection to a customer interaction portal.

NSP runs on top of your existing provisioning system, adding extra business logic specifically designed to ensure event detection and network planning, which reduces service calls and leads to increased customer satisfaction.

DOCSIS 3.0 has arrived. Its implementation is widespread. It is essential to ensure your bandwidth is being used as planned. By monitoring and preventing fraud, you will keep your customers satisfied while achieving complete control over your network resources. Solution Highlights:

  • Allows you to configure fraud policies according to your business needs
  • Reduces service calls and truck rolls, and increases customer satisfaction
  • Rapidly detects and controls cases of fraud on your network
  • Detects uncapped devices and blocks unauthorized firmware versions
  • Includes web-based configuration and monitoring
  • Includes easy-to-understand and flexible anti-roaming and fraud rule configurations
  • Provides a scalable, high-performance architecture
  • Ensures maximum throughput using a configurable multithreaded C++ engine that has the capacity for monitoring millions of devices
  • NSP supports DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and higher and has built-in support for SNMPv2C, complying with best practices

How it works:

  • Activates fraud detection without applying any actions (report only).
  • Analyzes reports to identify different fraud scenarios on your network.
  • Progressively configures and activates policies by regions.
  • Monitors fraud detection in real time.
  • Fine-tunes fraud control policies to manage the exclusion of specific devices.

Diagram Network Security Plataform

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