Intraway Flexible IP Version Selection (IFIVS)

Flexible IP Manager

Accelerate IPv6 deployment with the ability to exclude select devices or specific subscribers


Flexible IP Manager (FlexIP) provides the capability to configure per-subscriber or per-device-type policies to determine which will receive a private or public IPv4 address, an IPv6 address or both.

FlexIP runs on top of your existing provisioning system adding extra business logic specifically designed to accelerate IPv6 transition while greatly reducing the possibility of unexpected customer service issues.

IPv6 is here. Content providers have permanently enabled their AAAA records. You have already decided dual-stack is the way to go. Your network is ready. Your DHCP server is ready. Still, as most CPSs, you are reluctant to enable IPv6 globally on your network.

We have the solution: Flexible IP Manager

Solution Highlights:

Complete transition to IPv6: select the IP version and the provisioning rules by device

FlexIP provides the versatility and flexibility you need for the transition without risking your subscriber’s experience. You can use FlexIP to enable or disable IPv6 and IPv4 based on different criteria, from a global (NOC-managed) system configuration section or a specific (CSR-managed) subscriber configuration.

IP Version Selection Criteria for Cable CSPs

Subscriber’s Specific Criteria Applied by the CSR using Intraway or your own CRM (via APIs)

  • For a specific type of embedded device (i.e. E-MTA or E-STB)
  • For a specific CPE vendor-class (i.e. a specified type of home router)
  • For a specific cable modem manufacturer, model type and firmware version
  • For a specific group of CMTSs or a specific CMTS and/or a specific MAC domain

Flexible IP Manager Diagram

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