Customer Interaction Porta

Customer Interaction Portal

Target select customers with special offers to boost upselling campaigns and prevent revenue leakage or cancellations and temporary suspensions.


Intraway's Customer Interaction Portal was designed to help manage service notifications to prevent cancellations and temporary suspensions, to target customers with outdated CPE’s with customized upselling campaigns and to prevent revenue leakage by offering customized service tiers.

This module is part of Intraway's Value-Added Server suite solutions that provides a set of applications designed to simplify MSO infrastructure management.

It is a modular solution and, thus, operates independently of the MSO provisioning platform, delivering a considerable degree of flexibility. The module can be combined with all of Intraway's other modular solutions, creating a larger added-value for the business.

Easy to configure and maintain, it allows the operator to create messages using the templates manager and send them instantaneously or as a scheduled event.

  • 100% effective communication for news, satisfaction surveys, special offers, etc.
  • Control cancellations and temporary suspensions.
  • Early arrears management: Notification of impending suspension of service, notification of nonpayment with suspension of service.
  • Recovering from voluntary suspensions or temporary suspensions: through redirection to loyalty offers.
  • Service Up-Selling, special offers for customer retention.
  • Guarantee installation quality: minimizes re-installations.
  • Turbo Button, on demand. Increase bandwidth at customer's request.
  • Device detection
  • Standardization of data
  • Creation of gates
  • Synchronization of the status of gates
  • Messaging management
  • Establishment of policies
  • User Configuration
  • Information in real-time
  • Message template management
  • Routing based on ToS
  • Components Monitor

Customer Interaction Portal Infographic

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