Automated Firmware Management (AFM)

Automated Firmware Management (AFM)

Manage firmware versions on your network with minimal human intervention.


Intraway's Automated Firmware Management (AFM) easily manages device firmware upgrades and downgrades as needed. It is a must have for the deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 and IPv6.

AFM allows you to seamlessly update all of your cable modems and E-MTAs with the latest, IPv6-compliant firmware provided by the component's manufacturer. The system offers complete automation and simplistic operation including the capability to support both scheduled and automatic on-boot firmware updates.

As IPv6 has arrived and implementations of DOCSIS 3.0 are gaining ground, it is essential to guarantee your network is ready for its deployment. By maintaining control of the firmware versions installed on your devices, you can rest assured that they are up to date and have complete command over their deployment.

Solution Highlights:

  • Multiple vendor support
  • Intuitive and user-friendly web configuration interface
  • Reports and statistics
  • Upgrades available as needed by the operator (real time, scheduled, by CM or by CMTS)
  • Centralized or distributed module
  • Firmware Management Process Automation

Maintaining CM stock up to date ensures that Operators can automatically resolve any issues caused by bugs, incompatibilities between different DOCSIS versions and in the case of fraudulent activity. These problems imply a considerable cost to the MSO, which may include: replacing cable modems, increased number of on-site service calls, implementation failures and poor customer experience all of which can lead to a tarnished company image.

Having a tool that manages cable modem firmware, that requires only minimal effort from MSO personnel, fosters best practices and an improved relationship with subscribers. Furthermore, it makes sound economic sense.


  • Ensure homologated & homogeneous firmware versions on your network.
  • Maintain your installed inventory of cable modems bug free.
  • Detect / avoid cable modems with unauthorized firmware versions.
  • Flexible update manager in Real Time (On-Boot) or Scheduled, by selected CMTS, group of CMs (by vendor, unit, etc.) or number of cable modems.
  • Auto-discover CMTS slots, interfaces, and DOCSIS device attributes.
  • Auto-discover all devices connected to a CMTS and the devices within a region (multiple CMTSs).
  • Configurable multi threaded C++ ensures maximum throughput, allowing thousands of devices to be updated per hour and permits parameterization customizable to the MSO network.
  • Centralized database topology allows the distributed components to work independently of each other.
  • Uses TFTP for file distribution, updated from the central firmware file storage.
  • Supports DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1 and beyond with built-in support for SNMPv2C.
  • Report Module - Successful and Failed Updates Report / Error classification.

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