Satellite Internet Enablement

Advanced Network Monitor

Address network performance issues proactively to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs


Proactively keeps impairments at a minimum by effectively monitoring the spectrum and micro-reflection effects over your network.

Advanced Network Monitor allows Cable Operators to assure service availability and performance in real time. Using pre-equalization monitoring & spectrum analysis tools, the solution proactively scans network resources to prevent and correct network issues.

The spectrum analyzer allows both the NOC operator and field technicians to visualize the Cable Modem's downstream channel and CMTS upstream channel frequency spectrum in a single view in order to compare them and check their shape against its historical maximums and minimums for further analysis. A mobile-friendly portal allows technicians in the field to have a real-time view of a specific node’s spectrum.

The pre-equalizer monitoring functionality is based on the possibility of using DOCSIS devices as probes for network monitoring. This is accomplished by scanning and storing functional values of cable modems and depending on the corrections being made by the device to fix network problems, it is possible to obtain valuable information in order to detect and correct network errors before they affect service. By combining the analysis of this information, network topology and device location, the source of the problem can easily be determined and a proactive maintenance plan can be triggered using this information.

Product highlights

  • Leverage the benefits of DOCSIS Pre-equalization data to monitor transmission impairments like micro-reflections and Group Delays.
  • Proactively identify impairments with data retrieved from cable modems.
  • Check downstream/upstream frequency response and pre-equalization information with a single click.
  • Dentify groups of cable modems with similar impairments by comparing the distortion signatures.
  • Pre-EQ Analysis assists in isolating problems before they impact the customers’ services.
  • Statistical information stored about cable modem's pre-EQ effects over time allows the tool to identify trends and fix network impairments before the customer's service is affected.
  • Focus on worst performing cable modems and upstream channels.
  • Allows NOC operators to check spectrum changes in downstream/upstream channel in real time.
  • Comparison between Cable Modem Pre-Eq info and CMTS pre-eq allows determining if the distortion compensation of the upstream path is enough.
  • Automated identification of typical network impairment frequency signatures like LTE and CB Ingress, among others.

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